Arya Esfandmaz - Technique #01 - Failed Omoplata Sweep/Kneebar variant

Here's the first in a series of videos from our sponsored athlete Arya Esfandmaz.

Arya is a Brown Belt under Professor Eduardo Carriello at Gracie Barra London Bridge and is also a Judo Black Belt.

Here just a few of his accomplishments:

  • 2013 British champion
  • 2013 Midlands champion 
  • 2012 Tuff no gi champion 
  • 2012 Tuff gi champion own division and absolute 
  • 2012 pan ams medalist 
  • 2011 British no gi champion 
  • 2011 London ground control champion

In this edition Arya shows us a sweep/kneebar from a failed omoplata attempt.